International Workshops

Brahima Coulibaly

Brahima was initiated very young to dancing along with his brother dancer-musician Karim Coulibaly and went on dreaming his music and dance dream through numerous villages of Mali.

Trained within the famous ballet «  District de Bamako », he starts a carreer in the Kélété Ballet as well as the Ballets Babemba, Chemins de Fer de Bamako, Kati and Foura. He participates in various performances in Mali. In 1996 the Ballet National du Mali recruits him, which enables him to share his talent and love for dance through all West-Africa.

Driven by his wish to share his art, his passion, his culture and his traditions, he leaves Mali to settle down in Belgium. Brahima is one of the not-to-miss and incredible Malian dancers. He also likes to pass on his knowledge, with grace, with elegance, which are charecteristical of Malian dance.