International Workshops

Ehadji « Mbeung Mbeung » Diouf

Born in Dakar in a famous griots family, Elhadji Diouf starts playing sabar when 4 years old, initiated by his father and other renowned sabar drummers. Very quickly his talent is appreciated in all Dakar and his nickname « Elhadji Mbeung Mbeung » comes from his mastreing of the instrument. With the band « Bideew », he makes many tours in Europe.

Living in Belgium since 2007, he is very successful in Senegalese evenings and is asked for to go to numerous baptisms and celebrations. His teaching is full of humour but like his personality : calm, precise and full of pedagogy.

Elhadji will be assuming two roles during Couleur Tradition ; he will lead the music for Pathé Diop's workshop and teach percussions the next week-end trying, as much as possible, to link his programme with the dances taught by Pathé. Dancers interested in the dance-music relationwhip ?