International Workshops

Thomas Gueï

Born in 1978 in Abobo (Ivory Coast), in a trditional musician and dancers family, Thomas played his first instrument, the gloé, when he was four years old, accompanying his father who was a traditional dancer. Although deeply rooted in African tradition, Thomas is also the result of the modern and worldwide era. His evolving creativity is based upon all the experiences in the recording studios and the concerts such as Kajeem, Petit Yodé et l'Enfant Siro, Espoir 2000, Bomou Mamadou, Abraham Mussa, Petit Denis, etc. In 1999, Thomas acted in the movie "Bronx-Barbès", from Eliane de Latour, and co-wrote the original music of the movie (which got a special Jury mention at the 2000 Locarno Festival).

He firmly believes that it is important to teach percussion in schools, university, arts and cultural actions centres through the world, so that the mix of cultures can go on. He has a diploma of Artistic Technician, has taught drums in international schools, such as the Lycée français and the Lycée américain in Abidjan.

Thomas regularly performs all over the world. He became drummer-marker in various companies, such as those of Georges Momboye, Merlin Nyakam or Serge Dupont-Tsakap. He also recorded in studio for artists like Tiken Jah Fakoly or Meiway. Today, he is a solist of the Georges Momboye Company and musical director or the Sounan band. Thomas recently recorded a cd himself which will be for sale during the summer workshops.

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